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Exotic Bullies

Where Quality Meets Companionship

Your Trusted Source for Top-Quality Exotic Bullies

Get to Know the Exotic Bully Federation

Welcome to Exotic Bully Federation, where a passion for excellence meets the heart of companionship. We are your premier source for top-quality Exotic Bullies, and our commitment to creating exceptional companions begins with our unique approach to breeding.

At Exotic Bully Federation, our mission is clear: to breed and raise Exotic Bullies of exceptional quality, temperament, and health. We believe in producing dogs that not only exhibit the breed’s distinctive characteristics but also make loving and loyal companions to families across the country. We achieve this by selective use of various bloodlines while creating our own with health and structure our primary concern.

Our kennel is built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and dedication to the well-being of our dogs and their offspring. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in breeding, ensuring that not only our dogs, but every exotic bully sold receives the best care, nutrition, and socialization from day one. We prioritize their health and happiness above all else.

Our Bullies showcase an array of rare and sought-after coat colors and patterns, adding an element of uniqueness to each one. Whether you’re captivated by exotic hues or stunning patterns, you’ll find your ideal Exotic Bully for sale within our diverse selection. 

Family Raised Bullies

There’s more than meets the eyes with our dogs. Here, they’re our family first. 

Raised With Kids

Our bullies are handled and raised with our kids and other animals. Often taking trips with us to places like Mackinac Island!

Here’s How It Works

Find Your Puppy

Whenever we have a new litter ready to adopt, we post each puppy here on our website as well as our Facebook page. You can also sign up for our new litter alerts to receive a text and/or email and as soon as new puppy litters are ready.

Reserve Your Puppy

Once you find the perfect pup you can reserve it right here on our website. You’ll have the choice of a $200 deposit or the full adoption fee when you reserve your pup. You can even choose a delivery option during the reservation if you would like us to provide delivery to your doorstep.

Adopt Your Puppy

Once you reserve your your puppy we’ll take care of everything else. This include vet checks, provideing all the paperwork your vet will need including vaccination records and out-of-state travel papers. We’ll even arrange doorstep delivery of your puppy if you chose this option. Our goal is to make the whole process easy and smooth for you.

Safe Delivery of Your Puppy

We understand that finding the right Exotic Bully for sale is the beginning. With finding transportation for you new companion can be a troubling task. That’s why we will work with you and your transporter. Or for an additional fee, we can deliver them right to your doorstep’s. 

What You Get With Every Puppy

Our objective extends beyond simply offering you a top-notch puppy; we aim to equip you with all the resources necessary to ensure a seamless transition for your new furry family member!
GENETIC GUARANTEE Each puppy comes with a 1 year genetic guarantee that covers any genetic issues that may occur.
SHOT RECORD We always have your puppy up to date with all shots and vet visits. You’ll get all the records for your puppy.
PUPPY FOOD SAMPLE You get a sample bag of the same puppy food the puppy is used to that will keep his diet in check…
GENETIC GUARANTEE Each puppy comes with a 1 year genetic guarantee that covers any genetic issues that may occur.

Upcoming Micro Exotic Bully Breedings

Expected Breeding Date: April 2024

Picasa Baby Bape

If you see Picasa in person you know what this breeding is going to produce. Picasa having a Mack truck front end with a rear to match and Baby Bapes compact muscle mass body with a great overall structure. These two have no choice but to produce some crazy Exotic Bully Puppies. Whether you’re looking for a pet or something for your program. You can’t go wrong with this Lilac Tri to Lilac male. 

Chinese Imported Exotic Bully Mosaic Son Bape Et Crunch
Expected Breeding Date:

Hustler X VUDU

This breeding is one we are personally looking forward to. With VUDU being off none other than “Takeoff” himself having “Bullsace” , “LGK Bitcoin” , and her grandfather “Bape” packed into her pedigree. Going right to a Mosaic son with Crunch, Bape, 2x ET into his pedigree. These two are going to be producing some amazingly boned up extreme Micro Exotics.